Surgery News

All patients need to be informed of their Registered GP.  This does not necessarily mean the GP who is currently treating you but the one you are registered against.  At present Dr Hereward Brown is the registered GP for Limefield patients. If you need more information please ask.

  • Working Remotely
    During the current pandemic, staff are working remotely across Limefield Surgery, Redlam Surgery & Witton Medical Centre to ensure patients receive the best medical care. Please bare with us during these difficult times and treat the staff with patience and respect.
  • Zero Tolerance Policy
    We all have bad days, and when we feel ill we may feel ‘down’ and a little more irritable than normal. All our staff are here to help you. Reception staff are following procedures that help the practice to function efficiently. Staff have the right to work in a safe and secure environment and we, […]
  • BwD Public Health Website
    Homepage – Be Well BWD Follow the link above for the new Blackburn with Darwen public health website. The page provides vital information for all commissioned BwD healthcare services, as well as guidance and signposting towards relevant services across the borough.
  • Lancashire’s First Drive Through Vaccination Clinic
    A new drive-through COVID-19 vaccine clinic is opening at Ewood Park this week giving local residents the chance to score their hat-trick of COVID jabs at the home of Blackburn Rovers! From Tuesday, January 11, anyone aged 12 years and above will also be able to walk into the pop-up facility which will be based […]
    In support of all my colleagues The respect is gone. The appreciation is gone. The “thank you so much for working through this” has been replaced by, this is ridiculous”. The threats of calling senior managers and being shouted at down the phone by understandably frustrated relatives are at an all time high. The annoyed […]
  • Winter Vaccines – Flu and Covid-19 Booster Clinics
    This winter there are two essential vaccines you may need – the flu vaccination and covid-19 booster. Vaccines are the best protection we have against dangerous viruses like flu and Covid-19. They’re the best way to protect yourself, friends and families. Some people may be eligible for both the flu and the COVID-19 booster vaccines. […]
  • Flu Vaccination Clinics
    Flu season is here! The flu vaccine is a safe and effective vaccine. It’s offered every year on the NHS to help protect people at risk of getting seriously ill from flu. Many adults, most children and ALL pregnant women are eligible for the free flu vaccine. Flu vaccination is important because: more people are likely to get […]
  • Cervical Screening Awareness Week
    Limefield Surgery is joining Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust during Cervical Screening Awareness Week in order to reduce confusion about HPV, and help everyone feel comfortable with their cervical screening results. Cervical cancer is rare with 3,200 diagnoses every year while HPV, the cause of the disease, is extremely common, affecting 8 in 10 in their […]
  • Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic
    In response to the surge of the Indian variant, a number of new sites on behalf of Pennine Lancashire have opened to boost the delivery of the vaccination and additional vaccination first doses have been secured. THESE CLINICS WILL ONLY BE ADMINISTERING THE PFIZER VACCINE NOT ASTRAZENECA. You can only use this service if any […]
  • Digitalisation of Medical Records
    Lancashire and South Cumbria has been chosen by NHS England to be a national pilot for the digitisation of Medical Records.  Scanning these paper based records and making them digital will enable better utilisation of space, creating more clinical space, staff areas, multi team space and video hubs, removing the need for some practices to build […]
  • Changes to Organ Donor laws
    From 20th May you will automatically opted on to the Organ Donor Register. Please follow the link below for more information or if you wish to withdraw.
  • Fax Machines
    As of 1st April the surgery will no longer be able to send or receive faxes. Please contact the surgery via telephone or email. Email: [email protected]
  • Information regarding Brexit
    As the government prepares to leave the European Union (EU Exit) on 31 October, all information for patients from the CCG will be published and updated as and when the situation may change. Medicines, medical devices and clinical consumables and workforce Please continue to order your repeat medicines and medical devices and take your medicines […]
  • Letters for Schools, colleges and universities
    As we enter exam season we have had reports of students/pupils requesting a letter for university/college/school for missed exams, time off due to sickness, dissertation postponement etc. etc. Our LPC have published as guidance on the issue, which makes reference to schoolchildren, rather than university students, but the same principles should apply. Examinations and sickness […]
  • General Data Protection Regulations Patient notice 2018
    LIMEFIELD SURGERY GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATIONS (GDPR 2018) Limefield Surgery has a legal duty to explain how we use any personal information we collect about you, as a registered patient at the practice. Staff at this practice maintain records about your health and the treatment you receive in electronic and paper format. What information do […]
  • POR (Cherry Tree Surgery) was closed Thursday 29th March 2018 – All services are now provided from Limefield (PNR) Surgery.
    We are sorry to inform you of the closure of Cherry Tree Branch Surgery Cherry Tree Branch Surgery closed permanently after afternoon surgery on Thursday 29th March 2018. All practice services are now provided from the Limefield Surgery. We are working closely with local General Practitioners at Witton, Redlam Surgeries, the CCG and NHS England […]
  • CQC Rating
  • CCG Request pharmacies must not order patients prescriptions in most cases
  • Dr Burns Retirement after 24 Years
    On 30th September Dr Katherine Burn retired from practice – initially to take a three month break and then look for a new role, possibly teaching medical students. Although Dr Burn did asked the practice not to advertise this process widely in her last months we hope these aspects from the hand-out she provided for […]
  • Blackburn With Darwen restrict prescribing of treatments and medicines for short-term, minor conditions.
    The CCG wants to encourage people to “self-care” — which means that people take more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing where they can. For instance pharmacies are a good source of advice and support and can release GP time to treat people with more serious conditions. Prescribing for clinical need policy BwD 2017  
  • Limefield GP Earnings
    All GP practices are required to declare the mean earnings (e.g. average) for GPs working to deliver NHS services to patients at each practice. The average pay for Drs Burn and Brown, covering both Limefield Surgery and Cherry Tree Surgery, in 2016/17 before tax and National Insurance was £40,822.  This is for 1 full time […]
  • Medication when travelling or moving abroad
    The practice look to accommodate patients needs for prolonged travel but also follow national NHS guidance: PATIENTS LIVING/TRAVELLING ABROAD FOR MORE THAN 3 MONTHS OF THE YEAR The NHS accepts responsibility for supplying on-going medication for temporary periods abroad of up to 3 months. If a person is going to be abroad for more than […]
  • Patient Participation Group Meeting
    Thanks to the Wellbeing team for giving us a splendid talk on their services – and of course Sharon is already holding clinics at Limefield.  The Group have requested we try to arrange a representative from the Dementia Team to come and discuss their services and pathways at the next meeting.    
  • Would you recommend our surgery to your friends/family?
    Would you recommend our surgery to your friends and family – may we ask you to complete this short survey in order to let us know what your thoughts are on our service/quality.  Please feel free to voice your opinions in person if you wish to speak to the Practice Manager – or better still attend […]
  • Accountable GP
    Although we strongly urge you to see the earliest available appointment with our clinicians you do have a named accountable GP.  Please ask at reception on your next visit to find out who this is.
  • Information about Care.Data Pathfinders BwD CCG
    Limefield Surgery is one of 23 GP practices in Blackburn with Darwen acting as ‘pathfinders’ for a programme to connect the information already collected from hospitals with information gathered at GP practices.  When all of this information is connected together it will provide, for the first time, a national picture of what is happening in […]