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You are entitled to request information about the practice under the NHS Openness Code 1995.

Connecting for Health

NHS Connecting for Health is part of the wider NHS. It helps the NHS deliver better and safer care to patients via new IT systems that link GPs and community services to hospitals.

We aim to ‘put patients at the heart of what we do’ so here is a brief guide of what we offer now and will offer in the future.

Choose and Book

Choose and Book is a national electronic referral service which gives patients a choice of place, date and time for their first outpatient appointment in a hospital or clinic.


This enables patients electronic health records to be transferred directly and securely between GP practices. It improves patient care as GPs will usually have full and detailed medical records available to them for a new patient’s first consultation.


This is a secure website where patients can store their personal health information online, such as height, weight and blood pressure. In time, it will give people electronic access to part of their NHS Care Record.

NHS Care Records Service (NHS CRS)

The NHS Care Records Service will improve the safety and quality of patient care. It will give health care staff faster, easier access to reliable information about patients to help with their treatment.

NHS Number

The NHS Number is fundamental to the National Programme for IT. It is the common unique identifier that makes it possible to share patient information across the whole of the NHS safely, efficiently and accurately.

Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS)

PACS enables images such as xrays and scans to be stored electronically and viewed on screens, so that doctors and other health professionals can access the information and compare it with previous images at the touch of a button. It makes xrays on film a thing of the past, leading to faster and improved diagnosis methods.

Research Capability Programme

The primary objective of this programme is to enable research to achieve its full potential as a ‘core’ activity for healthcare, alongside other users of the NHS data that lead to improvements in the quality and safety of care. There is strict criterion for the uses of patient information for research that there will be effective mechanisms to protect identifiable personal and confidential information and to seek appropriate consent.

Social Care Integration Project (SCIP)

This is a NHS Connecting for Health project which aims to enable improved outcomes for people using health and social care services, through enabling better, more seamless service delivery between NHS and adult social services.

The Children’s Act.

Every Child Matters. We support Change for Children. This is the new approach to the well-being of children and young people from birth to age 19. The children have told the government they want to:- Be healthy, Stay safe, Enjoy and Achieve, Make a positive contribution, Achieve economic well-being. For more information go to their web site