Advice Re Minor Ailments

The pharmacist can provide advice for minor ailments. You may also like to try websites or – this is the link for NHS Choices.

Travel Vaccinations

We provide a full range of travel vaccinations and health advice. Please ring the receptionist AT LEAST TWO MONTHS before your holiday and arrange to complete travel form for all registered travellers including where you are travelling to, type of accommodation and dates of travel – NOTE there is a non-refundable £30 fee for Non-NHS Travel Vaccinations.

Any requests re travel vaccinations received with less that eight weeks notice will be helped by production of a list of your ‘past immunisations’ to take to a ‘Travel Clinic/Pharmacy Undertaking Travel Vaccination’ to see if they can help at short notice. The practice cannot accept responsibility for your travel requirements at short notice.

Well Baby Clinic

Run by Dr Brown with the Practice Nurse at Limefield, Wednesday 8.30-11.00am (by appointment). We offer development check-ups at 8 weeks and childhood vaccinations.

Well Person Checks

For men and women – These are available by appointment with the practice nurse.

Most patients will be offered an optional check-up ‘MOT’ from time to time. The ‘MOT’ includes advice on general health including smoking, alcohol consumption, diet and exercise and simple measurements of weight, height, urine and blood pressure. These check-ups are aimed at preventing heart attacks and strokes. Most patients find them worthwhile. Please bring a urine sample along.

Chronic Disease Management

If you suffer from asthma, diabetes, heart disease, COPD, hypertension or epilepsy, you will be offered regular health checks with the nurse.