Cervical Screening Awareness Week

Limefield Surgery is joining Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust during Cervical Screening Awareness Week in order to reduce confusion about HPV, and help everyone feel comfortable with their cervical screening results.

Cervical cancer is rare with 3,200 diagnoses every year while HPV, the cause of the disease, is extremely common, affecting 8 in 10 in their lifetime. The body will normally clear the infection without it causing harm, however lack of awareness of the virus means many who have HPV fear they have cancer. Many members of its community report feeling anxious and ashamed.

Regular cervical screening appointments can prevent up to 75% of instances of cervical cancer, saving 5000 lives per year. Despite this, many women are reluctant to have this test done with a quarter of women not responding to their screening invitation.

“The results showed I had cell changes and HPV. I had no idea what HPV was or how I had got it”

If you don’t know what HPV is, you are NOT alone! For many women and people with a cervix, the first time they see the word is on their cervical screening results.

We would like to see an increase in education about HPV from an earlier age to reduce the impact across the life course. During Cervical Screening Awareness Week (14-20 June) we are encouraging conversation and sharing experiences about the virus in order to reduce isolation and anxiety.

Visit Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust’s page for more information.