In support of all my colleagues

The respect is gone.

The appreciation is gone.

The “thank you so much for working through this” has been replaced by, this is ridiculous”.

The threats of calling senior managers and being shouted at down the phone by understandably frustrated relatives are at an all time high.

The annoyed eye rolls and huffy sighs when you tell them “it shouldn’t be much longer, we are doing the best we can” are really starting to chip away at our morale.

The free coffee and meals are a thing of the past.

The hotel lights in the shape of hearts aren’t on anymore.

The neighbours that waved us off to work and told us to “stay safe” have gone back inside.

The community that displayed “heroes work here” signs have turned their backs on us.

And the local rag is back to pointing out our short comings

We are still here. We are still fighting. We are working harder than we ever have.

We are exhausted.

We are frustrated.

We are so emotionally and physically drained.

We are skipping breaks.

We are going in early and coming home late.

We are missing time with our families. We are doing THE. BEST. WE. CAN.

We aren’t “healthcare heroes” anymore. We have become slaves to this pandemic, and it is really exhausting.

So please, if you read this and for some reason find yourself needing us then please cut the staff some slack.

Try to be grateful. Try to have some respect. Respect the NHS

(Copied from a NHS colleague)